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Amazon HT is the complete and optimal HT. Reliability and convenience are assured by such properties as an unsinkable double-layered shell and easy passage through the whole boat. As a standard, the Amazon HT has a spacious hood that both protects against wind and rain and lets plentiful light in. For swimming, there's a sturdy platform on the back, complete with an adjustable ladder. Storage space includes room for any anchor, mountable fuel tanks, a fish-chest and a lot more.

The Amazon HT is also made with recreational travel in mind. The two-meter bed can hold three people, and there's enough space to cook and store groceries in closets. All this is included in a boat that's transportable by a normal passenger car and a breakless trailer, which adds whole new dimensions to boating!

The Amazon HT on is easy and soft to ride, and it keeps dry and stable. Even a 40 hp engine can speed the hp up to 30 knots, keeping the ride silent and ecological.

The HT has outstanding design that outlines stylish mediterranean design, bringing to mind futuristic Italian sports cars. The success the HT gained in 2001 came as no surprise, and it has since shown way for boat design during the 21st century.

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