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The Amazon R is a big desk-controlled boat with luxury equipment for fishing, water sports, or vacation use. Stylish design with attention for details, tall sides, and a lot of space combined make for an excellent ride with more modest engines as well.

Amazon R has a drain for excess water and a platform with a ladder for swimming, a box for any anchor, storage space beneath the floor, perfect rails, and a lot of space for passengers and their gear. With the accessory hood, five people can be perfectly comfortable regardless of weather. There's even a reserved space for the practical Igloo cooler, providing a neat seat for one.

Quite a few experts have already paralleled Amazon R's performance with the best of RIB boats. In addition, it's efficient, smooth and even sporty - A 40 hp engine alone will glide five people in no time.

And, as one would expect, Castello's price for this boat might be a pleasant surprise indeed!

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